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Stands for Blend4Web, an engine you use to put your 3D stuff online.
The 3D on your site looks awesome, how'd you do that? Check out B4W, dude!
by vZs12Qsf211 July 08, 2016
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B4W stands for Billy Fourwheeler, the prototypical red-blooded American man whose identity, sexuality, self-worth, etc. are entirely intertwined with his fossil-fueled toys. Topping the list of Billy's playthings is, of course, the four-wheel-drive pickup truck - a three-ton behemoth he uses 98% of the time as a single-occupancy commuter vehicle. But to be a Real Man, Billy also needs an off-road fourwheeler, snowmobile, jetski, Harley, race-car-like riding lawn mower, and many other devices with screaming internal combustion engines.
B4W (Billy Fourwheeler) is gonna have a rough time when the Fossil Fuel Age comes to an end.
by NtroP Boi April 19, 2009
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