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Boom Boom Before Midnight.

A quest that is taken in part as a last resort of hope as to getting a girlfriend/boyfriend. It is declared on the day previous to the journey. Once exclaimed the hero/heroine begins the journey at 12am and must complete their quest by 11:59pm that same day, otherwise they will explode into an icy fiery death that is often quite shocking.
The hero/heroine often will use tactics such as charm, kindness, and sweetness as to win over their potential date. Tactics such as corner candy and working are not often use as they are last resorts should the b3m fail.
One is often praised for taken such an amazing feat as the quest is inevitable near impossible to achieve. However, if the hero/heroine does in fact succeed he/she deserves to be rewarded with the act of boom boom, hence declaring the name of the title boom boom before midnight.
Sky: "I'm doing it Mark! I'm gonna set out on a B3M!"
Mark: "Many blessings to you child."

Lucy: "It's been two weeks since my B/F dumped me. I think I'll try a B3M tomorrow."
Kyle: "Did you say a B3M! Your crazy girl!"
Lucy: "What do I got to lose?"

The guy who is always quoting the funniest quotes on urban or anything else: "I B3M for fun! So far I have failed only once...and succeeded three times! That makes me a warrior of the bed."
by JetFrogz July 10, 2008
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