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BNOS is the fraternal order based out of Shoreline, WA. The organization is believed to have originated from Shorecrest H.S. and is centered around protecting the definition of BNOS. There has been speculation as to where the term first got it's exposure to the founding fathers but sources have claimed BNOS's roots belong to California. Society saw first appearances of BNOS somewhere around the 2000's. Many undercover informants over the years have documented an intricate hierarchy structure that is BNOS today. Of the founding fathers, five in particular have been regarded as the bosses. The first is Big Vinny the Chimo, currently the President and CEO. Second we have Azzle Jazzle or Big PapaJ, VP. Third in command is J-Leezy Beezy, Lt. General. Fourth is Neil, just Neil. And the Fifth is Lil' Drew, treasurer. Honorary mentions but not fully instated are Glancy, Playa P, colin, and Vik. Known entrance into BNOS is strictly confidential and selective. All of the founding members must agree upon the potential candidates before confirmation. The most important reward of all (in addition to fame and women)in becoming a member is the unveiling of the true identity of BNOS.
Man did you see what I saw? Yea B.N.O.S. (Pronounced BEE-Naws) sure sounds nice right about now.
by a released informant December 02, 2010
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