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Officially coined by TwistedBabydoll: Inspired by the BET (Black Entertainment Television) because of the notorious portrayal of negative Black stereotypes, excessive materialism and hypocrisy. It is also inspired by the fact that these type of people are spoon fed Black culture by watching BET, 24/7. These type of females are second-generation African Americans or children of second-generation African-Americans.

B.E.T. Princesses are female versions of a B.E.T. Prince. They can be best compared to the hip-hop video vixen or Black American Princess.

A good physical description of a B.E.T. Princess; wearing gold in obscures amounts (whether it's jewelry, fabric appliqués, accessories, or accents, or the color itself), long weave that is replaced every two weeks due to the fact that they have to look their best, excessive amounts of M.A.C. lip gloss or any other make-up that does not match their skin color, will usually shop at Korean-owned clothing boutiques that sell overly priced, tacky, colorful clubwear; name brands of choice: Baby Phat, Rocawear (for women), Akademiks, Gucci, Louis Vuitton; stilleto heels, tight jeans cut so long they show plumber's crackor cropped tops by Lady Enyce that shows off a belly ring.

B.E.T. princesses are usually seen driving their burnt out Chevy Malibu (yet, still maintaining a divalicious image while driving it, so they can appear to have money) or a Benz that their parents bought them. There is not much pressure of their transportation for the simple reason more pressure is put on men and their cars.

B.E.T. Princess idolize video vixens, Beyonce, Trina, and any female veejay on 106 & Park.

They are usually materialistic, vain, and maintain a conceited image in hopes of looking or feeling better than other females. They can be educated or uneducated. B.E.T. Princesses are not just a shame to Black women but women in general due to their dumb broad mentality, submissiveness, dependency on a man who can financially support them or look good on their arm and lack of interest in their African-American heritage when yet they justify this theory by saying "I watch B.E.T!".
I stuffed a B.E.T. princess in the garbage can the other day. She was driving me crazy talking about the entire week of 106 & Park episodes she watched.
by twistedbabydoll August 22, 2007
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