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A comment or action that reflects you as being a bitch; acting out to get a peer, co-worker, or friend in trouble:
"She told everyone i hooked-up with my coach, what a B-Move!"
by Fueled byTravis December 23, 2007
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1) A b move is something done by someone that is rather small but incredibly stupid of them. Sort of like the bonehead play of everyday life.
2) A brief moment of no common sense.
Guy 1: I don't know why I just spent 10 minutes getting dressed for the cold when we're about to smoke a cigarette in the warm car.
Guy 2: That such a b move.
by CoachDad April 27, 2015
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It is when a girl that likes someone says the name of that person and usually has the name that starts with R-Z
That is a basic B-move
by From mcms kid 8th 2019 msc April 02, 2019
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