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Pronounced like "Tebowing", B-Mac(ing) is when one individual thinks everything they do or say is automatically and without a doubt correct. Even though it usually is the dumbest shit you will ever hear or see. Usually gets made fun of because everyone calls him out on his non-sense. Usually starts arguments with people strictly because he thinks their wrong. Usually backs out of fights when one stands up to his dumb ramblings. He leeches onto other people....usually posing their style and thoughts.
John: "You're such a faggot!"
Pablo: "Mister John, please stop saying faggot so much, it offends people!"
John: "I support gay marriage, therefore I'm allowed to say it!!!"
Pablo: "'re B-Mac(ing) so hard right now!!!"
John: "I got a choppa in the car!!"
by 2106 From The 90210 August 01, 2013
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