by pogman23 November 4, 2020
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1. n. The second letter of the English alphabet.
2. n. Short for 'Brother'.
3. n. What one calls someone he/she does not know.
4. n. A roll of Marijuana.
5. v. Agree.
6. n. Beer.
7. n. A flash movie created by StrawberryClock. It was the internet phenomenon in late 2001, but died out at the start of 2002.
1. a B c d.....
2. Sup B whatcha doin'?
3. Hello... B?
4. Yo gimme dat B ova there.
5. me: That was cool
n00b: B
me: WTF?
6. gimme a B- hic!
7. Strawberryclock: My fellow clocks! We run Newgrounds
clocks: All praise B!!!
by Zakorsumtin February 28, 2008
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Sarah: That b is calling me again!

Jessica: Shut UP, you already told her that you didn't sleep with her boyfriend, you just gave him a blowie.

Sarah: I know, what's her problem?

Jessica: Tell that b to go eat a dick
by Carly Wild July 15, 2009
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A "B" is a good friend or Homie that you always laugh with. It can be used in any setting but was originated on Grateful Dead tour in the early 90's. Can also be used to describe when you are very tired and worn out. It can also be described as indentifying someone that has the same name....such as "Where's Jasmin?"....which Jasmin? "Jazzy B"
"Im Tired B"......"Where are all the "B"'s at?"....."meet us after the show, all the "B's" will be there
by The B's February 10, 2010
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A substitute for bitch and bastard that maintains your politesse.
"That project was such a B"
"So was our project manager!"
by ::the.queen.bee:: February 5, 2010
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A short term used for “Breakfast Time” by the realest mfs out there. The number that comes after the letter refers to the time and those that come after the number gives the information on where the gathering is being held.
Tomorrow B8A1

It means that there is a homie gathering at A1 8:00a.m. tomorrow morning.
A1 - one of the most popular teahouses to go for a breakfast located at the strand road, Molumein, Burma
by Coffeeman818 April 27, 2022
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1.B is used as another word for babe or bae

2. It can be used when repliying to comments on instagram mostly used by british girls
Girl1: ‘ fittyyy😘💋’
Girl2: ‘thanku b💕’
by British girl123 November 2, 2019
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