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B'grrness first came into use in California in 2004. It is used primarily as an interjection (1), though is often used as an adjective (2), and less commonly can be found in virtually any part of speech (3).

It was coined by John-Clark Levin with the purpose of sounding like valleygirl-esque doubletalk (similar to the Ishkabibble of the thirties).

B'Grrness has since gained momentum with the help of internet bloggers who are trying to push the word into mainstream usage.
1. "This lady was like, 'maybe we can just be friends?' and I was like you know what, b'grrness lady!"

2. "Wanna come downtown? I heard about this hot sushi place. It'll be sooo b'grrness."

3. "Come on you f***ed-up b'grrness, gimme your best shot!"
by Morphir April 04, 2005
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