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Azuza: A nice, simple term for "just relax and keep doing what you were doing. It's cool."
"Hey, no zone here- hang azuza"
by stone1home July 3, 2006
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A sadistic person with a strange sense of humor, really only likes anime memes. Has little friends that understand her personality and hobbies. Does not think of them as games. Many overall friends that are more games, and things to use for her own purposes and gains. Has many business partners, bank accounts, and a confidential past with club zero. A very secretive person, has many secrets that only her fiance knows all of. Mentally and physically unstable when emotions are allowed to activate. Stay aware of facial expressions and moods.Trained with many weapons and martial arts. Not to be underestimated in a fight. Potentially dangerous. Has inconspicuous personal guards to protect her at all times, she calles them her "watchdogs". Has many names and nicknames. Mainly goes by Kaira and Azuza. Azuza is her main name, but Kaira is often used in the states of Minnesota and Oklahoma. Relations with Pope Francis and Elizabeth the 2nd, other world leaders not to be named. To be kept under supervision.
by Be careful July 9, 2018
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