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Occurs when visiting Mexico, most commonly for a Cancun-esque spring break trip, after a few days of heavy partying and accidental water consumption you think performing an anal pyrotechnics show would be a great idea. Feeling the onset of that morning's all-inclusive's taco bar, you summon your fellow partiers, grab a lighter, drop your pants and assume the position. Only too late do you realize the error of your decision as the massive shart ignites covering your innocent onlookers with flaming Moteuczoman Napalm.
Half the varsity Lacrosse team, and two cheerleaders are in the Mt. Popocatepetl Hospital in Mexico City with 3rd degree burns on 60 percent of their bodies, After the Lacrosse Captain accidentally blasted them all with an Aztec Flamethrower!
by Moteuczoma January 18, 2011
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