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AyyitsFox is a weirdo faggot with 500 mental disorders and can't keep his dick in his pants for female or males, similar to XXXTentacion. He is the Lil Pump of the El Chapo drug cartel, and flexes his Lambourghini Huracon on these "heroin-injecting hos" and make fun of them for wasting their money on the drugs they just sold. He is also super gay for Juice Wrld. Somebody get him help he's so gay but straight at the same time. AyyitsFox is most well known for being an illegal Mexican (aka Wetback) and was the first one to jump over the wall on 5 different drugs 10 times consistantly.
AyyitsFox no don't die we all love you even though you are lonely piece of shit.
by Anonymous_User580 July 23, 2018
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