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Ayessah is the most loving and kind hearted person you will probably ever meet in a life time; she will be your best friend or make an amazing girlfriend. She's the person you go to when you're upset or when you want to cry with laughter. Apart from her incredible personality, her appearance makes you wonder if she was crafted by the gods. Normally brunette with sparkling brown eyes, Ayessah makes all the guys fall in love with her yet she only has her heart set for the one lucky man. An Ayessah will normally be quite short but will make up for it with her beautiful curves and Kardashian - worthy ass. Never take her for granted. If you upset her once, it will be very unlikely for you to get another chance; and you really don't want to loose her. She is really smart and will have a very successful career in the future in a respected, prestigious, high-paying job. Ayessah is the woman of your dreams.
I want to marry Ayessah
Ayessah has an amazing personality and an amazing ass
Ayessah is a worldie
by caerriepie143 May 10, 2018
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