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1. Practice of frequent defections, poachings, cross voting, horse-trading, floor-crossing & mass resignations by legislators.
2. A politician who indulges in repeated defections & movements from one party to another without any qualms of conscience.
Literally, this Hindustani & Indian English phrase means "Ram Comes, Ram Goes': "The conduct of Mr Uday Bhan's father, Mr Gaya Lal, was instrumental in the introduction of the coinage Aya Ram, Gaya Ram in the political vocabulary for describing the practice of floor-crossing by legislators. In 1967, Mr Gaya Lal, the then MLA from Hassanpur, changed his party thrice in a single day. Mr Gaya Ram's feat was immortalised in the phrase Aya Ram, Gaya Ram." ('Aya Ram, Gaya Ram in Haryana', Shubhadeep Choudhury , The Tribune {Chandigarh} Saturday, June 26, 2004.
When Aya Ram Gaya Ram becomes the main characteristic of the government, the resulting system is called "Ayaram Gayaram Government".
1) Sheikh Chilli: That minister is an Aya Ram Gaya Ram - so I will vote for him!
Sheikha: So will I!
2) "The expression 'Aya Ram, Gaya Ram' is said to have been coined after the name of Mr. Gaya Lal, MLA Haryana, who defected thrice in 1967 within a fortnight. When Gaya Lal was won over by Chief Minister Rao Birendra Singh, he called him 'Aya Ram'. Later on, the same term was used by Chavan in his speech in the Lok Sabha. See Subhash C. Kashyap, The Politics of Defection (1969), p.95." ('State autonomy in Indian federation: emerging trends'. Chandra Pal. New Delhi: Deep & Deep Publications, 1984, p.166)
3) "Aya, who was Gaya last season, feels the Union Cabinet's move to change the rules of the defection game will snatch from him his meal ticket ... He himself is the car components spare parts minister, while two members of the party hold the public health (clean lavatories) and mango export ministries. ... Aapka Dal (C) had been formed last year when the national party Sabka Dal split. Three other offshoot parties were the Aapka Dal (A), Aapka Dal (B) and Aapka Dal (D). Aapka Dal (A) later announced it was merging with an Opposition party while the sole MLA of the Aapka Dal (D) gives outside support to the state government, headed by the truncated Sabka Dal." ('The end of Aya Ram and Gaya Ram'. Times of India, Apr 27, 2003, {})
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