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Sauce, made completly of awsome.
Used to describe something incredebly awsome.
Guy: Dude, I just bought a Wii!
Other guy: AWSOME SAUCE!
by freeyourmind775 April 02, 2007
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The description of how incredibly awsome something is.

The term 'Awsomesauce' is only to be used on things that are -extremely- awsome beyond all otherwords (read: not just awsum or awshumm).
The incorrect use of this word automatically labels you as a square, resulting in public redicule of your person and a destroyed sense of pride.

A commonly used antonym of this word is the effective lamesauce.
"Oh man, that's freaking awsomesauce!"
by Lady Hitlar June 16, 2007
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A better way to say cool, because cool beans is just completely gay

Made by lola
Lola is Awsome sauce
by Gucci stoopid fish April 09, 2019
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