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When the sign language for "awkward" is combined with pretending to be a dangerous dinosaur which has tiny arms and walks on two legs. The posture of the body is crucial. One must bend the knees, and arch the back, while walking. To do the sign for awkward extend your thumb, index, and middle finger, forming an L with your left hand. Do this with both hands on a flat plane in front of you, pointing with both hands at about a 45 degree angle. For extra emphasis, curl each finger a bit! The Awkward Raptor is used in moments of extreme awkwardness, and is five times more badass than using any non-extinct animal.
When Timmy, Gigi, and Rebecca bumped into their philosophy professor at a hookah bar where he was making out with their old sunday school teacher, they all immediately turned around and did the Awkward Raptor.
by *Gigi* February 20, 2009
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