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That awkward moment when you realise & accept that you have a crush on/fancy someone who you reeeeeeaaalllllyy shouldn't, ie a teacher or a member of your best mates' family. Similar to but not the same as crushing on a celebrity... With celebrities it's usually fine, but with teachers...

People experiencing Awkward Infatuation are often between the ages of 11 & 18, & common signs are wanting to impress them, either excessively talkative /shy around them, wanting to always be near or around them, overly looking forward to seeing them & to some extent maybe feeling a certain amount of sexual attraction to said person.

When/if said person finds out (& you usually hope they never do) they may be fine with it but most often they will feel embarrassed & will shun any further contact with you.
Girl: OMG I think i may have an Awkward Infatuation with our French teacher, he is really hot & so funny!

Friend: So that's why you spend so much time around him then. Give the poor guy a break he must be sick of you by now. You practically live in that classroom.

Teacher: ...

by BadAssGirl December 22, 2013
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