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Like awkward turtle, or awkward llama, but much better. The shape is made by the middle finger pushing down on the tip of the index finger of the same hand until an oval is made. If you cannot do this, the your vagina is too tight. Used when any situation or thing is awkward.
Emily: "Well this is awkward..."
Erica: -Awkward Vagina-
by Ericaaaaaaaaaaaa June 19, 2011
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Popular British Tumblr user, claims to have cried when McDonalds ran out of Big Macs (reason unknown). Is known for talking to his followers, offering advice and getting involved with helping others when needed. Generally a sound guy, always willing to make himself the butt of a joke if it can make others laugh.
Friend 1: Have you seen this guys blog? He calls himself awkwardvagina...
Friends 2: Yeah, I've been following him for a while, the URL is a definite put off if you don't view the content
by samurite March 14, 2015
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