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Awkrad: A word used when you feel awkward but in a cool/good/funny kind of way. For extra meaning see awkward and rad.
"Dude, that was completely awkrad."
"Don't you mean awkward?"
"Nope, the awesome won't be washing off of this story anytime soon."

Phrase originally coined by
by Trillian.Astra January 30, 2011
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Awkrad: A tumblr meme describing a situation or person that is both awkward and rad

awkward + rad = awkrad

Someone who is awkward but is still awesome/rad.


Something awkward happens, but it is still amusing either during the situation or in retelling the story later.
She's a little bit weird, but so funny. She's awkrad

At first it was so awkward but then it was just awkrad

Matt Smith looks so awkrad
by Jazzz123 January 31, 2011
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