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This is when you walking down the street at your own jolly pace, however infront there is a dopey twat walking a lot slower than you. You decide to continue with your pace and attempt to overtake this feral person. However as you are level and are about to complete the overtake, the individual decides to speed up which means you are both level and walking at the same pace along side each other. You both acknowledge the situation and turn to look at each other with puzzled faces and decide to speed up but you are both still trotting along at the same pace. This can be resolved by one person either slowing down or speeding up in order to avoid it looking like you 2 are together. This can be particularly awkward if you are walking along side by side with an opportunistic rapist, chav, emo, mosher, smelly old woman, a chatterbox steve and an uncle knobhead.
OMG dude, that was the most awkovertake ever. This smelly old bitch was walking along side me, I bet people thought we were related.
by Nikkabokka August 14, 2014
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