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(1)a genuinely awkward person or situation (2)the act of facing your palms toward your body,point all fingers excluding thumbs towards each other ,point thumbs upward,move both hands towards each other,inter lock thumbs,flip other 8 fingers up as to look like 2 hawk wings,flap the wings and simultaneosly say "awk hawk" when an awkward situation arises or when a generally awkward person is present.
(1)Phil is such a fucking awh hawk,He creepily hangs around the tanning salon like a pedophile stalker and scares all the young girl customers prompting employees and customers alike to talk shit behind his back! (2) Phil (who is 65 years old) was sliding his hand over towards Cassie"s (who is 17 years old) ugly ass feet ,when I entered the room he quickly tried to move his hand away but was not too smooth with it, he is the biggest awk hawk EVER !!!
by Gian Rachtelli April 30, 2008
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a mighty, one-of-a-kind hawk that is constantly on the prowl, looking for awkward situations. It often soars through the air, looking for its prey. Once it finds its victims, it often swoops down at them, sometimes resting on the shoulders of its prey. It has been common for the awk hawk to stick around with its victims, causing them great emotional pain and physical discomfort until the great hawk gets tired to the point where it needs to take a power nap in its awk hawk home. The universal symbol for the awk hawk is to (1) make a flapping motion with your hands as if you had wings, (2) awkwardly look around at the people you are with, and (3) if the situation is awkward enough, one might incorporate their entire body in this action, where it almost looks like they are having a seizure. Although it appears the hawk flies solo, it is unknown if the awk hawk does in fact have a family. Perhaps it is related to the awk ant, as well as the late awkward turtle. There is no possible way to stop the awk hawk; researchers have been studying this new species and are yet to discover any type of repellent. Be safe. The hawk could be anywhere, at anytime, soaring high above you waiting for the right "awkward" moment for it to feast upon.
"The post-prom lakehouse incident of '10 is never to be forgotten; the awk hawk certainly left its permanent mark on that house, scarring its victims for life."

Gretchen - "Well... this is awkward."
Regina - "No! Don't say that or you will summon the awk hawk!"
by bigtuna1415 June 19, 2010
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when something awkward goes above and beyond awkward turtle status, the Awk Hawk can be utilized.

To perform the awk hawk gesture, one must place their hands together so that both palms are facing the ground, the sides of the thumbs are pressed together, and the fingers are all straight out and pressed together. then, one must move their fingers (except for the thumbs, which stay in place) up and down in a repetitive, flapping position, like wings.
this is the Awk Hawk.
Girl 1: so, Justin over there just tried to put his arm around me- i barely know him!

Girl 2: oooooooh, awkward turtle! *awkward turtle gesture* didn't he and Courtney just start dating?

Girl 1: i think so....

Girl 2: eww, Awk Hawk!!!! *awk hawk gesture*
by blue_n_white_girl May 08, 2011
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