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A way a super excited kid with a slight speech impediment might say "awesome". When said, or written purposely, it is superlative to "awesome", can be used as a meta ironic self depraving about ones excitement of something (realizing the excitement might be limited to oneself or that what was just previously said or written might be unintentionally overexaggerated excitement), or a combination there of.
Guy #1: Did you hear? They are finally releasing Star Wars on Blu-Ray and the Super De-Duper Collectors Edition Final Set will have all the various versions of the films released over the years included.

Guy #2: Oh thats pretty cool I guess.(clearly not a big enough star wars fan to enjoy the news himself).

Guy #1: (Now as excited as a kid on Christmas morning who has been up all night snorting pixie sticks) ITS AWESOMTHE!!!!

Guy #2: Yea sure its awesome for you.

Guy #1: No, not "awesome" its AWESOMTHE!!!!!!!!!!!
by Lupin Saiko July 07, 2009
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