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A town full a preps, hicks, gangsters, bandos, emos, and stoners with pretty much every sterotype you could name.
Cheerleaders are bitches.
People think their gangsters because they live in Timberlake.
The sluts go to Crocker to pick up guys on the weekend.
The stoners smoke weed and try to skate at the Skate Park or sit around North Gate Park.
The skanks go to the beach and take pictures of themselves.
The emos kiss eachother in the halls and must hug everyone.
The hicks think they're from the country, when they live in a city.
The bandos are freaks. And so are the Colorguard who think they're the shit when they're just wannabe cheerleaders.
Then there's me, who's just there watching it all.
Avon, Ohio is the suburb of Cleveland.
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A shit bucket filled to the brim with assholes and bastards that all think they are the shit when in reality they all seem to fail at everything.
Loser: "hey man i heard of this band called from Avon--"
Me: "dont bother."
Loser: "but its Faith in a Theory!"
Me: "fuck Avon, Ohio."
by don knottz May 25, 2011
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