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The Avon Lake High School is located in the Northeastern part of Ohio. Hugging the shores of Lake Erie, The Avon Lake High School Students (Mostly White) are apart of a excellent education environment. But what people don't know is that inside its maroon and gold walls lays a cesspool of all sorts of different people. They include the rich whores, who get the money from their daddies so they can buy Victoria Secret's Pink Yoga pants for different days of the week. The dumb "ghetto" hoes, who will usually be found in the Integrated Math III. These girls can be found "blunt blowing" and taking booty shots on their camera phones in the high school bathroom while trying to cut gym. Next are the asshole weedheads, usually sophmores, who find their pitiful knock off rap recordings godsent, where the young adolescents try to be the next Odd Future. Their extra curricular activities could include making fun of poor freshman girls out of their car windows and "fucking the bitches and getting the money" (jacking off in their rooms and asking their rich parents for $10). Next we have the successful white, oblivious students who usually fill in the gaps. These are the most cliche students you will ever meet. This school is unique in the way it swarms towards black guys as if they were the rare extreme dodo bird. They also find if you aren't good at sports, you might as well be funny because that is the only way you will be able to survive the wild melting pot which is The ALHS.
African American Student: "Hey I was thinking about going to Avon Lake High School for highschool."
ALHS student: "Theyre gonna eat you alive."
by Master Batey July 24, 2012
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