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Aveva, she is a very unique girl who acts weird sometimes when she tries to be someone she's not. But when she acts like herself oh my gosh she is so fun to be around!! Her and her real friends do crazy lit things together because they don't care how each other act. But when Aveva is with her fake friends she is boring and acts a little strange. Oh and don't even get me started with Aveva's freckles!! People always try to tell her how beautiful they are but she thinks they are just lying to be nice which many people do but oh my gosh Aveva will never understand how pretty they are. That is not a lie!! Soft. Shiny. Brown. Her hair!!! It is so pretty people always ask how she gets it like that but it is her little secret. Oh my gosh! I could literally go on for hours about how pretty and lit she is but i'm just gonna end it with...Aveva you are the best girl in the world and I know you are hard to get but whoever guy is lucky enough will do anything for you!!
"Aveva, I love you!"
by Craszy May 17, 2018
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