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Avbril. Probably one of the sexiest , nicest , cutest, most beautiful girls you can find out there. Has a perfect body with a big ass booty, and some perfect big ass boobs. Has quite the sense of humor and if getting on her bad side, well, fuck better pray to god she don't find you. Will love you and show affection if needed by a significant other. Keep in mind, she is not one to use and abuse over and over, she will eventually notice the pattern and completely screw your whole life up. Having beef with her? Well she can give 2 shits about you and your scrummy Lil life. Keep in mind ,Don't fuck with her , for death will he a heartbeat away if you do.
Charles: Dude , help me!
Yuri: What's wrong dude!?
Charles: Its Avbril!! She's coming for me!!
Yuri: Nah ah, Fuck off, I love life, Go die Somewhere else foo!

Gabriel: Just met up with Avbril, god damn, she is sexy ass fuck
Art: Fuck I wish my girlfriend was as sexy as her
by Unknown4200 March 05, 2017
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