a girl who is energetic and hyper
very moody

can be sad a lot
loves to sing and dance
has darker skin tone
pretty and simple
a gir who understands everyone except herself
That crazy girl is so avani
by 8sing8 April 18, 2016
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Avani is a gorgeous girl that everyone loves to be around. Boys wish they were with her and girls wish they were her. She has a stunning smile and a sweet charm. Wherever she goes, a crowd follows. Avani is athletic and gets along with everyone. She is hilarious and can make anyone laugh during the saddest times. She is always there for her many friends. Although she is very popular, she is very humble.
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Avani is the most caring person you will ever meet. She wants to help everyone no matter what. She will give you all of her snacks and make you amazing ramen. She is very stylish but does not fallow trends. Avani blazes her own path. She loves to laugh, drink, party, and will dance whenever she gets the opportunity. Even when she is tipsy, she is still the most wholesome person in your friend group. She is the glue in your friend group.
Kelly: Hello
Maddie: Dude where did you get that sandwich?
Kelly: Avani made it for me.
Maddie: Classic
by Martyrico March 03, 2019
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Avani is a very ancient word in Sanskrit that means Earth. It is used as a name for females from India.
Avani is used in Sanskrit. It is an Indian name for a girl as well as being used as a synonym for Earth.
by Avani Desai November 08, 2007
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That one girl from tiktok that everyone calls clown girl. She is pretty or whatever but she does hella good clown makeup. He @ is @avani
Person 1: Yo did you see that one tiktok that avani did?
Person 2: you mean clown girl? Oh yeah she’s so dope!
by toenailclippingsinursoup October 07, 2019
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a person who is crazy but awesome
usually tall and slender
most of the time obsessed with something
can fit into any clique
That chick is so Avani!
by abcdefg1234zyxwvut October 31, 2010
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The most amazing and gorgeous girl ever. She will always be on your mind. You'll be able to stop thinking about her. You'll do anything for her. You'll always love her.
Avani is the best person I'll ever know.
by Megadetallicanthrayer December 30, 2020
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