A song improvisationally written in 2010 by The Acouestic Crib Performed By Mr. S and Mr. J.
Avaleen= Duality

Avaleen= An Endearment

Avaleen= A Sentiment

Avaleen= A condition

Avaleen= The Person
by sonshown February 06, 2010
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Avaleen is the name of a completely crazy girl with emo tendencies. Anyone with the name Avaleen is probably psycho but they have a huge heart. You can count on her to be there for you through the worst of times along with the best. She gives some of the best advice, is a great listener and is one of the kindest people ever. She'll make it her goal to make you smile everyday. Avaleen is the over-protective best-friend that will throw hands or slap a bissh if someone hurts the people she cares about (and she cares about everyone!). She's the type of girl to risk her life for anyone, even if they've done her wrong Avaleen's tend to put themselves down and will need alot of reassurance, support and love given to them. They are incredibly stubborn, will get on your nerves 24/7 and drive you insane but most importantly she'll love you like no one else ever will. If you ever happen to meet someone named Avaleen, keep in mind they probably have mad trust issues so it'll take some time for them to open up to you. A girl like Avaleen is a keeper so treat her right because they're not like the rest.
Person 1: "Is that Avaleen?"

Person 2: "Yeah, She's so nice"
by talkingstraightfactsssss August 01, 2020
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