A very powerful sex spell able to be cast by only the most experienced of weiner witches/wizards. To cast the spell, one must get a firm hold on their weiner, and recite the spell incantation whilst ferociously rubbing their weiner wand with both hands. This causees a bright green ejaculatory material to travel at high speeds to the intended target. The ejaculate will instantaneously melt anything it comes in contact with. Depending on the caster's magical weiner skill, they may be able to control the ejaculate with the power of their mind, telepathically directing it's direction to ensure maximum effectiveness and to avoid misfire and wasted weiner magic.
When Kyriea foud out that Michael had beat up her rabies/herpes/crabs infected nigger kittens, she cast the Avadacajaculate spell on him, melting him in a fury of fiery green cum.
by ILikeTurdulz July 4, 2011
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