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-When a male performs oral sex on his own genitalia.

-To give one's self a blowjob.

Auto- prefix; self.
-one's own.
-by oneself or spontaneous.
-by itself or automatic.

Mamada- Spanish: blowjob
"'You REALLY think we can make fun of him for this?'
'What are you talking about?! This is amazing--he's like a superhero; we can't reveal his super powers.'
'I'm sorry, does this not come across to you as just the gayest thing you've ever seen?'
'I think it's gay not to sip your own tip.'" - Workaholics

Ex. Automamada is a skill I've always wished to have.

Synonyms: Selfsuck self-blowjob self-blow autofellatio
by illbeyourzelda June 15, 2016
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