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1. Someone who works with kids in the Autism spectrum, and think that once they graduate college that they are experts on Autism, even thought they dont know crap about those kids. They just go by a bunch of academic stereotypes.
2. Someone with mental issues in need to be a control freak. So they try to take advantage of someone with a disability, even though autistic Children are very intelligent. They try to make every decision for them, such as when they do homework, what videogames they play, who they talk to at school, and what they have for a snack.

3. Go by this belief that the autistic kid is always wrong. In social situations, if someone gets into an argument, it is always the kid with autism at fault. Even if they were clearly right, they try to rationalize why they were wrong.
1. Autism/Aspergers Support staff : "Yes, im out of college, now I can work with anyone with Aspergers". First day on the Job: "Crap, he is really different than what we were taught by Dr. ***, hmm, well theres gotta be something more to him".
2. Autism/Aspergers Support staff : Okay now its time to do math corrections.
Client: Im sorry, but I have an assignment to finish up.
Autism/Aspergers Support staff: Thats HOMEWORK.
3. Autism/Aspergers Support staff : What is this I am hearing of another argument?
Client: He called my mom fat, so I told him he was an idiot.
Autism/Aspergers Support staff : I am sure he did not call your mom fat, but you need to stop namecalling.
by Handsome Chuck April 02, 2010
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