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Australianisiskt is a definiton of a group of people who wants to be liked by people from Australia. The so called 'Australianisiskt' has a deeper meaning and may seem foolish, but is actually quite dark. Often used to describe people who has made fun of Australian people while their friend(who is NOT from Australia) who talks to people from Australia and later want's to hang out with those guys, including that friend.

Australianisiskt is a sort of 'Peer pressure' or is caused when you feel 'left out' from a group of people, who you usually talk to but then decides to talk to Australian people, and that friend knows that you've made fun of Australian people before and decides to not talk to you while their Australian friend(s) is nearby. Australianisiskt also means to like all sort of things related to Australia and Australian people to be liked and to be able to talk and hang out with people from Australia.
Example of what can lead to Australianisiskt:
David made fun of Australian people while August was listening. August then decides to talk to the Australian people and doesn't invite David to any sort of conversation while August's Australian friends are nearby or listening.

Example of how someone would try to 'solve' Australianisiskt:
Richard thinks Australian people has a funny accent and decides to make a joke about it, whilst his friend Omar was listening. Omar decides to talk to his Australian friends and doesn't invite Richard. Richard then slowly gains their friendship by never making fun of Australia and Australian people and talk about stuff related to Australia in a good way.
by RealBBBoyGuy May 15, 2016
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