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A form of contraception supposedly used as the primary method of birth control in Australia. The Australian condom is not purchased, but rather made at home using simple materials. All one must do to use this method is simply insert a hot glue gun into the head of his penis and inject enough glue to form a proper seal. Though this is 99.9% effective in white males, it only maintains a 50% succsess rate in black males. This is due to the fact that members of the black population have very elongated and therefore powerful penises. The force of a black ejaculation can be accurately compared to the blast force of a cork being shot from a bottle of champagne. The force of a white ejaculation is only about 1/20th as powerful as a black one, thus the 99.9% sucsess rate.
Cranky mate! That aboriginal just blew out his australian condom like a blasted wombat out of a damn didgeridoo!
by deeter94 April 10, 2010
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