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Joseph McCarty, a pioneer from NY, came west seeking a new home. In the Fox Valley, he built a campfire in April 1834 on the island, which is now the site of downtown Aurora. He thought that the location was an ideal place for a new community & told his brother. It wasn’t long before Samuel arrived, family was sent for & a permanent settlement was taking roots. The settlement was named McCarty mills for the brothers’ grist mill & sawmill. In 1837, when a PO was est., the village became Aurora, goddess of the dawn. The city was the 1st in the United States to use electric lights for publicly lighting the entire city, it achieved the nickname of “City of Lights”.

The camp of 1834 has grown into a city. With a population of 198K according to the 2010 census, the city has steadily grown throughout the years to become the 2nd largest city in IL.

The city is accessible on 5 exits on Interstate 88. Corporate offices & commercial growth on the cities east & west sides continue to expand the city’s boundaries, now stretching from IL 59 on the east to portions beyond Orchard Rd on the west. The Far East Side of the city includes Fox Valley Mall, residential areas & is projected to house 60,000 people within the next 20 years. The city extends into 4 counties, Kane, DuPage, Kendall, & Will. There are 6 school districts & 7 townships covered within the city limits. There are 4 historic districts & a large number of individual landmark designations for many of the city’s buildings.
Yo man did you know that the movie Wayne's World was film in Aurora Illinois? Naw man. They claim that but the streets are actually in Naperville. Close to the city line though.
by kosjeyr December 25, 2012
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A town far enough North that it is a safe haven for illegal Mexican immigrants to not have to worry about getting deported.
1) Sign in Tijuana: Ve te a Aurora Illinois, iempieza una vida nueva! (go to Aurora, IL, start a new life!)

2) Me:I just realized all my friends from school are hispanic
White friend from neighboring Geneva: Yeah, most white people in Aurora are suburban trash.
by shaza man February 04, 2010
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