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A Picard-esque Bald White Man with a penchant for International sexual experiences, Multiple persongang bangs with or with transgender men/women, who also rides his motorbike to the scene of dismantled sports cars and rebuilds them to their 1993 factory quality. He recently converted from the religion of atheism to the more moderate position of fascist radical fundie christian

His favourite past times include holding whisky, dressing in pretentious 1970s paedophile clothing clothes whist in the most random outdoor settings, He's also a Grade A Saxophone player on paper and he hopes to one day become the world's greatest date rapist and "fictional" writer (not including the first novel he wrote entitled "Me and Massive Cock and all the sex i've done with it, trust me. I'm Davis MJ Aurini by Davis MJ Aurini)

Biggest failing, He somehow fucked up one of the easiest tasks in the world which is rinsing money out of the borderline mentally disabled lunatics on the internet who think video game feminism is an actual thing that is killing white people....which it blatantly is
Plays video games about romanticized versions of imperialist wars and genocide by God King Whitey
Also massive closet case, so much so he' gets hardons in IKEA and calls his inner self "Davy BJ Narnia"
-Howdy doody, what is up with you my Aurini-gger...I'm feeling very white and rapey, how about you?
-I'm so male today that my sperm has grown beards & is smoking a pipe
by DJ Morenee April 26, 2017
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