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Aunyah is a girl who has been hurt a lot,very hurt but still makes sure other people are okay even tho she's not,She's been through a lot and you can just tell by the way she acts that it's never been easy for her..But she's a very sweet person who is so easy to talk too. She's so gorgeous and no matter how much she tries to deny it she's really pretty. She's like a princess, A short princess. She's someone who you'll hear about and just start smiling for no reason because you just remember what she looks like and how adorable she can be. She's a little weirdo,But her selfie game is on point and her pictures make you just want to look at them forever or maybe it's just her smile...But she's an over all great person with so much to give and if you don't have an aunyah in your life go get yourself one
"Dude I saw aunyah today and I couldn't stop smiling"
"Dude can you believe how adorable she is?
by toeb33 July 06, 2016
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