lancaster is a city in southern Pennsylvania, in the shadows of the Philadelphia skyline. It's gained a large amount of Peurto Ricans, rising above blacks and whites. Lancaster has a population of 56,000 making it a smaller, urban business financial. Many people discribe the city as an Amish country, seating some of Americas most Amish villages.

North Lancaster.
Northside is a suburban area, just under lancaster skyline. Manheim, and Litiz are littered with large shopping districts and large, exclusiated communities. its home to large Amish people in the woodsides of the boroughs. Park City, which is a large center shopping area.

I'm from Lancaster and the central area is flooded with blacks and Hispanics. The crime is horrible, 3,000 felenies where committed in the past years, which athorities blame on gangs bloods & crips . Now from I grew up on Rockland, which is home to notorious housing. I'm black and rockland is poppin'. If you an outsider and you not from here, be careful where you go and what you say, because we don't play. & niggas look for anything to fight or shoot you. And if you have money, dont FLASH it. Because it will be took. I represent Lanc to the fullest. I
moved to big houses & dont live there anymore.

A place rocketed with mid-city sky buildings, which can be seen from miles in the hills. its also home to urban shopping, that aline the city streets. its also home to the new convention center which provides more for the skyline. its a cultral, residential area.
by unnonimiss August 17, 2009
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