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The transportation of ones non physical self from their current location to another location through the power of music.

This follows the same concept of 'teleportation.' However, there are two different factors. One, you are are not physically being transported to another location- instead you are psychologically having sensations of being in a different environment. Two, the transportation of ones psychological self is not through a teleportation device but through the movement and power of music.

Note: This effect is not executed through the alteration of outside influences such as drugs or alcohol. Though they may have direct affiliation with an increase of the audioportation sensation, the use of these may have severe or consequential side effects.
Dude, I'm really hating work right now.
- You should audioport yourself to Ibiza
Not a bad idea, whats a good song?
-Try that one from the DJ I told you about last week.
Sweet. Save myself a plane ticket- and my sanity! Thank god for audioportation.
by mz_u-no-who April 06, 2011
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