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A PC game hosted by Steam in which the player chooses a song from either the "audio surf radio" or their own music library. The game Analyzes the tempo, beat and rhythm within the song and creates s long track in which some sort of vehicle is controlled by the player.
The goal is to either 1.) get three or more blocks from the track in one of their Three columns. 2.) gather 3 or more Blocks from the track, but in this mode there are multiple colors.
Note: the non multi colored games are called "mono" mode and only one color can be obtained from the track.
Your vehicle moves along witht he track as your song plays.
Dude 1:Oh dude you hafta check out Audio Surf!
Dude 2: Oh snap! Where do I find it?
Dude 1: its hosted by steam and there's a demo. It costs $9.95 to buy the full version
Dude 2: aww screw that I'll just download the torrent version instead!
by OdiNxCore July 20, 2008
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