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Aubrey'ing is a technique guys use to get in girls' pants by pretending to be sweet and wholesome sadbois (like how Aubrey Drake Graham sings sadly about how much he loves his Momma in God's Plan), while in reality they're fucbois just looking to get laid and nothing more (like how Drake's inner fucboi comes out whenever he's featured on a Migos song and when he knocked up a pornstar and forgot about their kid).
Hey, Chad just told me how much he likes to cook fresh meatloaf for all the disabled dogs at the shelter before calling his mom every Sunday to cheer her up. Isn't he so sweet? We're going to get ice cream tomorrow!
Yo, Chad's a lousy fucboi who cheated on his girlfriend with a couple of strippers last month. He's Aubrey'ing you.
by champagnepaji February 05, 2019
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Aubrying {ah-breed} {Aubreying/aubreyed} (verb, past/present/future tense; origin: American English): To assure a close friend, or complete stranger, that you will purchase marijuana (cannabis/weed/pot/etc) for them using their money, and then simply leaving without returning to deliver the marijuana. (Scamming the buyer)

Usually done by car, the "dealer" will text you saying they are on their way for the deal. When they arrive, they will let you know. When you approach them, they will casually and with a smile say something along the lines of, "I have to go pick it up. I'll be back in, like, x minutes."

Being unaware of Aubreying, the victim will typically agree and hand over their cash. After x minutes have elapsed, the victim will text/call the "dealer" to see what's going on. The "dealer" will typically say something such as, "I'm waiting to get it", "The hookup (person with the weed) isn't answering", or they will simply ignore your calls/texts. Your money has disappeared, and you are now out the weed as well. You have been Aubreyed.

Warn your marijuana-enjoying friends and family about this rising trend, originating in Minnesota and spreading like a wildfire.
"Matt was aubreyed last night out of sixty dollars by some asshole dealer. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson never to trust a dealer again. Aubreying is no joke."
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by diemonhei September 13, 2016
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