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A little slice of hell. Typical high school in that nothing works, the teachers are boring and inept, and the administration exists for the sole purpose of being ridiculed. Primary site of interest is the haunted B Building basement, and that's it. Most buildings are retrofitted portables or ancient, except for the administration building. Only good point is the football team, which usually kicks serious ass. Also has a decent AG program, which means that you get a bunch of aggies who are just chilling there till they can go work on a farm. Also drains all school funds. School decor involves mostly concrete and orange strips of paint. Orange and grey all the... you get the point. Basically, it sucks.
Adult: So what did you do at Atascadero High School today?

Student: Slept through my first two classes, went to Taco De Mexico for lunch, skipped the horrible pep rally and smoked weed instead.
by Fergalicious Definitious August 15, 2008
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This "prestigious" high school is located in the mud-hole town of Atascadero. The only thing the kids there have in common is their hatred of the teachers, as most conversations between classmates revolve around when certain teachers will be retiring. Boasting possibly the most obnoxious school colors ever thought of, (orange and grey) the wrestling teams and football teams usually kick major ass. Outside of that, AHS is possible the worst place to grow up in on the central coast. The main academical focuses of the school is to have as few dropouts as possible and to beat neighboring cities in STAR test scores. If you aren't a drug-addict or a hic, this place is seriously not for you.
Lets go smoke some weed in the creek. It's not like there's anything better to do at Atascadero High learning for instance.
by Peep-Grumpet June 05, 2011
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Atascadero high school as of 2019 is still a hell whole, full of druggies. Atascadero high school has really bad academic standards. the teachers are boring and are given no founds to make class fun. the highlight of a students day is hitting a jewel in the bathroom with other kids.the campus its self is very gross covered in concrete, and really crappy black and white printed posters. The school announcements are no longer over the speaker but are now in you tube videos! these are so bad you want to jab your eyes out. Now the home-less population is so high and you find yourself passing random people sleeping or smoking weed all around a-town.
by Kjurhee March 27, 2019
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A little slice of hell located in Atascadero California. Its pretty damn typical for a high school, you got the majority being hics and stoners with a few weebs taking up the drama and choir section. The only good teacher is Mr. Cooper who you only get for one year. The football team that they put all their time and effort in sucks major ass not winning a single game this year. Since all the money goes to the foot ball team we have an 800 year old B building that smells like you grandmas ass and has a haunted basement.
The only thing Alabama has on Atascadero High School is legalized guns
by jonk da dook March 27, 2019
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