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An Ataleigh is a beautiful girl with a huge heart. She has many friends but never strays from her original sisters. She is very funny and is always laughing. She is very athletic and is on the top of her game, but she is still manages to be on top of her schoolwork. Ataleigh's make great girlfriends, they are very flirty and playful with their partners. Ataleigh's also have great bodys. They are also very forgiving but if taken advantage of they will end the friendship. Ataleigh's are very rare and irreplaceable. If you ever meet one hold on to her and never let go they make the best friends.
" Man Ataleigh is funny, I love hanging out with her!" , " I wish I had Ataleigh's body, she is so hot!"
by laughs.a.lot. November 08, 2016
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