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What you say to make a super-sweltering day seem a bit less miserable.
Besides keeping in mind that, "At least the laundry dries faster on the clothesline", you can also remember to utilize two other "perks" of extra-hot weather --- the solvent on freshly-painted/glued items will take less time to evaporate, and your swimming pool will warm up faster so that its water won't be such a shock to climb into. (This latter phenomenon also often works for a nearby pond or brook, of course, and so you can avail yourself of this delightful "oasis of cool relief" sooner after sunrise, too, if you don't have a pool of your own. Some southern areas even allow people to "shed it all" and go skinny-dipping once the local temps exceed a certain level, too, and so this can be an additional "heat-wave advantage".)
by QuacksO July 22, 2019
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