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AKA "Consumption College". Catholic institution located in the preppy rich kid section of Worcester, MA. Famous for its stuck up yet semi-retarded student community. Assumption is often seen as the booby farm for nerdy yet secretly gay WPI frat guys attempting to reaffirm their sexuality.
(In Worcester Club)
Guy: Hey, where do you go to school?
Girl: Assumption College, on Salisbury street
Guy: Oh, I go to WPI
Girl: You're sure I havent done you yet?
by Moooooose August 02, 2006
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a small, liberal arts college located in a low-key section of Worcester, MA. Although it is a great school to get an education, The students are either brain-dead athletes who think they're God's gift to everyone around them or sketch balls who wear berets and believe in odd conspiracies.
Bob: Assumption College has lots of normal people.
Harris: Ummm, on the whole, no they don't.
by Awesome Blossom April 11, 2007
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Known better as "Consumption College". A college in the rich suburbs of Worcester, MA. The only people you'll find here are athletes not smart enough to play at a respectable Division II school, or aren't good enough to play Division I. Along with the half brain dead athletes you'll find Jesus freaks and general weirdos. The academics are a joke and the graduates will just end up working for the graduates from all the schools they couldn't get into. Surprisingly, the guys aren't that bad looking but you'll be hard pressed to find more than a dozen attractive girl on campus. But the girls are so ugly that they will sleep with anything and anyone.
Assumption Guy: I go to Assumption College, all the girls here are ugly
Holy Cross Guy: Dude, come to Holy Cross, the girls here are smokeshows
Assumption Guy: I would, but I'm so dumb they won't even let me on campus
by dcabaa709 December 10, 2016
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