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A new association probia brought on by spending massive amounts of time with a extremely fast web connection. Searching for photos of people you may know or want to connect with.
This phobia starts when you turn off your computer and go outside to find that EVERY person you see, you KNOW you have seen them online.
If it gets severe you may say "I just saw you on the interent, I know its you. But where? What website are you on? Myspace? Facebook? YA? Flickr? Youtube? Photobucket?....ect...." to everyone, then you jump into bushes to hide from everyone.
Switching to "dial-up" helps.
As seeing "website found.....waiting for reply" can be key words to possibly over come this phobia.
My therapist said my ASSOCIATEDCYBERPHOBIA is so severe cause I said his receptionist is on and Eharmony but with a squished bug for a photo I do not think she will score!"
I should have a 72 Mental Health Evaluation, he claims!
by lamoismynamo September 05, 2009
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