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adj. (ass-hol-i-RIFF-ic): Term used to describe an act or intent, often by politicians, that sounds good by itself but with very little thought can be revealed as yet another pandering attempt at being popular without any understanding of economics whatsoever or the horrific downstream effect it will have on those same people that were really sure it was a gosh-darn good idea.
Doug: "Hey, Charlie, the next president-elect says he's going to give everybody $1,000 to offset the high cost of oil."
Charlie: "Brilliant! Add the cost of administering this and it will cost us each an extra $2,300!! Doesn't anybody remember that all the money the government receives comes, directly or indirectly, from us?!"
Doug: "Wow, what an assholirific idea!"
by TheDuck21 August 04, 2008
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