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Or Asshole Camera.

Referring to the camera used in sporting events to showcase (usually zoomed in for added assholeness) the athlete who caused the foul or penalty which halted play, and most likely screwed his team or him/ herself. See butterfingers.

Usually followed by Asshole Slo-Mo.

*Whistle blows, play ends.*

Announcer: "Looks like there's a yellow flag on the field. Yep, #21, Paris Patricks, has a pass interference. That's a ten yard penalty, and third down."

Camera: Cut to Asshole Cam (closeup of Paris). (Could be showing anger, disappointment, or indifference.)

Announcer: "Let's see that play again!"

Camera: Cut to Asshole Slo-Mo.
by Andre Maccesy April 16, 2009
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