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N. The Striking "Strategy" of Team Quest Lay-n-Pray fighters, notably Joe "Die" Warren and Chael Sonnen (R-OR). This abomination of a technique is the ultimate non-offensive maneuver used solely to win points and "get the W".

However, recent uses of AssKnees requires one to think that AssKnees may save MMA in the long run, as if you are not good enough to ward of the onslaught of ASSKNEES, you deserve defeat and are a disgrace to MMA.

Sadly, those who suffered the fate of ASSKNEES are not available to comment as they still cannot sit to reply to emails.

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Joe Warren in Bellator, Joe warren vs Kid Yamamoto, Chael Sonnen vs Nate Mardquart and Yushin Okami

Joe Warren continues towards the Bellator FW championship using those assknees to whoop on some legit, but seriously lacking in assknee defense.
by agonz May 14, 2010
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