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A complete fucking loser who tries to act cool and makes him/herself look even dumber than they actually are in the process.
" Man, that Gina chick was all tryin to show me up at the bar last night, and then she drank a Jell-O shot and fucking puked all over her friend's tits, what an Ass Carrot!!"
by Dixon Syder March 17, 2007
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A synonym for the world dildo

However an insultive word which can be used to describe a person
person 1 : "im cool"
person 2: "You're an asscarrot"
by DethNfire May 09, 2004
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These are carrots that are grown in the bowels of a fat dude and then pooped out into a tub of boiling water so that the carrots can boil to a simmer and then the fat guy gobbles up the boiling carrots with his steaming butthole.
Ass Carrots are so delicious!
by E? September 03, 2006
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