Girls that be packin'; huge vuloptuous asses on them!!!
Look at her she got ass for days, just like JAcki
by mafia mamma December 28, 2005
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From October 9th To October 15th you can ask anyone for an ass pic and they have to send
"it's the ass pic days you gotta send one"
by PokemonMaster227 October 11, 2019
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Minimum 20 sec and Highest 50 sec if you do it
Ass Massage Day is on 24 april
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On the 27th of June girls should send ass pics to whoever they want. Guys can screenshot them or do whatever they want with them until the end of the day
Hey man what are you doing tomorrow?
Staying in allll day. It’s National ass pic day!
by Eatdatpussy911 June 27, 2018
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made by fuck heads who want to get a gf/ bf after not seeing the sun for years

Dont use this as an excuse you'll just look like a sexual predator
Guy1: It's national ass grab day
Guy2: Fuck off you creep
by notheretoday April 20, 2021
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On April 25th, 2018. YOU have to Slap he/she ass, no matter how close you are with the person
Slap the person Ass on National Ass Slap Day
by X8x8x8x8x8xskwkc April 25, 2018
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