Sam Chazen. Someone who does cross country and has curly blond hair. Enjoys frolicing in peoples assholes, especially large mexican guys.
Guy #1 : Dude, Sam is such an assgoblin
Guy #2 : I know, what an assgoblin.
by Alex November 10, 2003
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normally a guy who is ugly like a ass and looks like a Goblin. They are very stupid and normally gay. Smells like shit all the time. Ugly face and messed up hair. He is basically a shit looking monkey thing that crawls around and lerks around in shit. And everyone wants it to die but Arrington just keeps feeding it. Also an ass goblin can be anything ugly or retard or disturbing shit looking piece of shit from your ass. Also assgoblins have no penises just manginas.
That Guy looks like an assgoblin
That piece of shit is very assgoblin looking
Assgoblin is gay
That person is lerking around like an assgoblin
by assgoblinrobert January 06, 2012
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Ass Goblin - A being that goes out of his way to be like a singular person. He will dress, eat/drink, suddenly have same interests as that person. They try to keep themselves low profile by blending their style with that person's just to make it look like it has always been their own style.
WARNING - Ass Goblins are like roaches; you can't get rid of them buggers without being FUBAR...
by Anon July 06, 2004
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The kind of person that, no matter how hard they try, cannot seem to stop gawking at womens asses when they walk by.
Man, he is being such an assgoblin, staring at women constantly like that.
by Ex Tacy March 08, 2012
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A creature shrouded in mystery, it's very name misleads people in search of it. The ass goblin isn't a goblin which resides in the buttocks. But from behind it's façade It does in fact simply spend it's entire existence eating out its own ass. Only taking brief moments to spout out closet narcissism.
Sarah said to Jackson " You're such an Ass Goblin, no one can talk unless you dictate the conversation"
Jackson replied "but you just don't say the right things and this one time when I was a kid...".
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by Streaks and Marks March 23, 2018
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